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Top 10 Best Privacy Protection Software

Find the Best Privacy Protection program and Save Money!

If you’re looking to find the best Privacy Protection program and also save a few bucks- you have come to the right place! So whether you're replacing an existing Privacy Protection program or you are just looking to upgrade this is your chance to look at the brands we think are the 10 best and make a decision on which one is best for you. We know that pricing and saving money is important to most. In order to keep this site free, most programs seen in the table below are TTBS partners who provide compensation to TTBS. This compensation impacts where products appear in the table below, see our advertising disclaimer for more information.

Best Privacy Protection Software 2024



Data loss becomes increasingly critical whether you own a business, cultivate a social media following or serve as a key influencer in the social environment. McAfee offers full disk encryption for hard drives located on laptops, desktops and servers.

  • Plans that include complete and compliant data protection for enterprises
  • Universal protection that includes servers, devices, networks, endpoints and the cloud
  • Enterprise-grade encryption protocols to protect your data and privacy
  • User-friendly interface that’s a big improvement over 9.3 and earlier versions

Click HERE for McAfee Data Protection Overview.

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Kaspersky software provides an exceptional set of plans and tools to safeguard your security and privacy. The software defends against common viruses and ransomware. There are extra layers of security when you bank or shop online and need to provide financial information.

  • Protection against common and emerging viruses, internet threats, spyware and more
  • Special features that safeguard your identity and protect against hackers
  • Three levels of protection in one package that include antivirus protection, internet security and PURE
  • Scans of your system that identify vulnerabilities in networks, connected devices and links

Click HERE for Kaspersky Internet Security Overview.

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Bullguard software protects against phishing, malware, Trojan malware, spyware, ransomware, viruses and other online threats. The software won the Gold Malware Protection Award bestowed by AV-Comparatives. The company works continuously to identify new malware threats and block them with constant innovation.

  • Identity Protection feature that guards against identity theft and financial fraud
  • Triple-layer protection against spyware, malware, ransomware and phishing
  • Complete protection from lesser known threats such as religious pages, news sites and gaming sites that might be inappropriate for children
  • Continuous scans that monitor devices and networks for vulnerabilities

Click HERE for BullGuard Premium Protection Overview.




Iolo Privacy Guardian is the only company offering the most advanced ways to thwart digital online tracking. Even VPNs are subject to digital fingerprinting techniques that thwart them and cookie cleaners. Iolo software ensures that private communications remain private. Congress overturned regulations that required broadband providers to get permission before selling shopping data about customer habits.

  • Regular scans of your operating system to determine whether your computer holds any sensitive information at-risk of being monitored or hacked
  • Private search history that’s cleaned after each internet session
  • Identity protection to prevent identity theft and access to personal financial information
  • Blocking of all ad-tracking technologies

Click HERE for Iolo Privacy Guardian/Iolo Phoenix 360 Overview.




Bitdefender Internet Security receives outstanding scores in antivirus tests. The software also offers VPN protection.

Bitdefender features so many layers of security protection that it rivals second-tier mega-suite products. The software costs a little more than some versions, but it protects every device on your network including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows systems.

  • Active alerts and even relevant recommendations about how to use key computer programs
  • Named “Product of the Year” in 2017 by AV-Comparatives
  • Detection of signs that your system has been targeted for exploitation or hacking
  • Identification of malware by its behavior

Click HERE for Bitdefender Internet Security Overview.




Webroot Secureanywhere software works differently than other privacy software applications–it’s about 60 times faster than the average processing time. The software offers VPN Wi-Fi security and antivirus protection to safeguard your browsing experience whether you’re at work, shopping, browsing or banking.

  • Protection over any Wifi network
  • Web filtering to protect you from suspicious websites and applications on Windows, Mac and Android devices
  • Malware information that’s stored in the cloud so that the software doesn’t require much storage space
  • An endpoint in your API layer that enables fast installations, scans and access to external information at lightning speeds

Click HERE for Webroot Secureanywhere Overview.




Trend Micro Internet Security offers award-winning antivirus protection and reduced management time for those who handle multiple business applications such as email, web posting, SaaS services and other security-dependent operations.

  • Great ratings for detecting dangerous websites and phishing schemes
  • Multiple layers of protection against ransomware that include preventing changes to files from online storage sites such as Google, OneDrive and DropBox
  • Mute Mode prevents security alerts when you’re busy, working or gaming
  • Social media sites are categorized with green, yellow or red icons

Click HERE for Trend Micro Internet Security Overview.




F-Secure Internet Security delivers some of the best possible protection from an expert in online security–Microsoft. Award-winning protection safeguards all typical internet activities including shopping, banking,and surfing the web. You can choose what kinds of sites your children can view with great accuracy.

  • A SAFE utility that monitors critical folders and blocks ransomware from encrypting them
  • Automated upgrades to install fixes for new internet threats
  • Fast engine for performing antivirus scans
  • User-friendly interface

Click HERE for F-Secure Internet Security Overview.




Panda Dome Advanced privacy software protects against all kinds of cyber threats and privacy attacks. The software has a simple interface that’s easy to understand.

  • Protection against malware and other threats
  • VPN available to browse anonymously from virtual locations
  • A Data Shield to encrypt your most confidential data
  • A password manager to manage your passwords with a single click

Click HERE for Panda Dome Advanced Overview.



Privacy protection has become critical when most people store their passwords and critical information on their phones. Cyber crime is rapidly replacing traditional crimes as the most common threats to security and safety. The problems of companies invading your online privacy are also a big concern. Our list of the top 10 privacy software products can help you make an informed decision. Most of these companies offer either a money-back guarantee or free trial, so there's no reason not to evaluate privacy protection software.

In today's environment of ever-increasing data, business applications and cyber threats, it's not possible to operate safely without privacy protection. Comparing the different software packages available is essential because each consumer has different needs and concerns.

Our review of the top 10 privacy protection software applications considers ease of use, efficiency in blocking threats, device slowdowns caused by software operation, price and other factors. One of the most common methods of choosing software is ease of use. The following list ranks our top 10 privacy software choices by ease of use--easiest to hardest--and includes their rankings in device performance--best to worst.

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