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Top 10 Best Password Manager Software

Find the Best Password Manager and Save Money too!

If you’re looking to find the Best Password Manager software and also save a few bucks- you have come to the right place! So whether your existing ‘pre-installed’ Password Manager software expired or you are just looking to upgrade this is your chance to look at the brands we think are the 10 best and make a decision on which one is best for you. We know that pricing and saving money is important to most. In order to keep this site free, most programs seen in the table below are TTBS partners who provide compensation to TTBS. This compensation impacts where products appear in the table below, see our advertising disclaimer for more information.

Best Password Managers Software 2024



1Password comes with many plans to choose from and allows you to choose between personal, family, and business. In order to get the full experience, this product is better suited for business use and for good reason! Multiple user access, high encryption, and added layers of security.

  • Top Security & Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Multi-Platform Capabilities

Click HERE for 1Password Overview.

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$19.95 75%OFF



Dashlane Password Manager has 3 Personal plans available and a Business Plan. The most popular plan is Premium and it costs $4.99 per month when billed annually.

  • Instant Password Update
  • Alerts & Monitoring
  • Autofill forms

Click HERE for Dashlane Password Manager Overview.

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One of the best things about KeePass is the added layers of security protection. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other benefits; The user interface is displeasing and the features are very outdated.

  • Portable
  • Strong Security
  • Powerful Password Generator

Click HERE for KeePass Overview.




Keeper Security is our top choice for password security and for good reason. Store all your passwords in one place, accessible on many devices with a click of a button, or two. Keeper provides a two step verification for added security and definitely has you covered.

  • Strong Encryption
  • Two Step Verification
  • Cloud Security Vault

Click HERE for Keeper Security Overview.




Password managers are supposed to be simple, easy to use with a complex security overlay and LastPass has exactly that.

  • Login & Go
  • Take it everywhere
  • Simplified Online Shopping

Click HERE for LastPass Overview.




Password Boss is available in a few different plans, we recommend Premium as this option gives you rich features with a cost that matches. Unfortunately, Password Boss is one of the industries newest password managers and can’t compete with some of our other Top choices like Keeper and Sticky Passwords because it just donesn’t offer as many features.

  • Unlimited Password Storage
  • Security Breach Protection
  • Automatic Website Login

Click HERE for Password Boss Overview.




Roboforms works very similarly with other major password managers with both personal and business plans available. The interface isn’t as intuitive but, you get the same great features for less money out of your pocket.

  • Multi-Platform Support
  • One-Click Form Fill
  • Share Logins Securely

Click HERE for Roboform Overview.




Sticky passwords is cost effective, easy to use and manage, and is one of our top password managers for good reason. Premium plans start at $29.99 for the whole year, offers amazing features and you get to help save Manatees! Who doesn’t want to help save Manatees?

  • Quick Check out
  • Securely Share Passwords
  • Works On All Devices

Click HERE for Sticky password Overview.




TrueKey has a basic interface that allows you to save and autofill your passwords and information.

  • Automatic Password Manager
  • Multiple Sign In options
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Click HERE for TrueKey Overview.




Zoho is a leader in the business productivity world and Zoho Vault is just one of many dozen applications. This option is great for businesses who need multiple users to access online usernames and passwords. Zoho vault allows you to add users instantly whether you use business or family.

  • Track Actions
  • Control Access
  • Direct Connect

Click HERE for Zoho Vault Overview.



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