Top 10 Best PC Repair Software for 2021

Find the Best PC Repair Software and Save Money!

If you’re looking to find the best PC Repair Software and also save a few bucks- you have come to the right place! So whether you're replacing an existing PC Repair Software or you are just looking to upgrade this is your chance to look at the brands we think are the 9 best and make a decision on which one is best for you. We know that pricing and saving money is important to most. In order to keep this site free, most programs seen in the table below are TTBS partners who provide compensation to TTBS. This compensation impacts where products appear in the table below, see our advertising disclaimer for more information.

Best PC Repair Software 2022



PCTuneUp PRO is our #1 Rated PC Repair program for 2021! We think it is the perfect tool to keep your PC running smooth and clean. It was designed with speed in-mind and is quickly making a name for itself, especially with the big discount today!

  • #1 Rated in 2021 TTBS Website
  • Best Customer Satisfaction 2021
  • Resolves corrupted ActiveX issues
  • Removes Junk Files
  • Helps to Speed Up Computer

Click HERE for PCTuneUp PRO Overview

Today's price


$39.98 50%OFF



AVG’s TuneUp is a great program to keep your PC clean and speedy. Automatically maintenance and cleaning features to help your PC run better.

  • Automatic Maintenance
  • Quicker Start Ups
  • Faster Browsing

Click HERE for AVG TuneUp Overview

Today's price


$59.99 $20OFF



Avast Cleanup is a strong contender for this year with some new features for quicker start-ups and cleansing technology. Definitely one to investigate further.

  • Faster boot-time
  • Smart junk removal
  • History cleanup

Click HERE for Avast Cleanup Overview


79.99 OFF



iolo’s System Mechanic Pro is an advanced cleaning and repair solution to improve your computer performance for maximum speed and focused power for gaming, streaming and more.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Install

Click HERE for iolo System Mechanic Pro Overview


89.99 25OFF



Watchdog PC Cleaner is a top rated PC cleaner for 2021. Features all-in solutions to help keep your computer running smooth, boost speed, free up space!

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Install

Click HERE for Watchdog PC Cleaner Overview


69.99 OFF



iolo’s System Mechanic is an advanced cleaning and repair solution to improve your computer performance for maximum speed and focused power for gaming, streaming and more.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Install

Click HERE for iolo System Mechanic Overview


49.99 25OFF



Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is built to boost PC speeds and clean unwanted junk files and PC issues.

  • Monitor your system in real time
  • Hard drive defragmentation and file recovery

Click HERE for Defencebyte Computer Optimizer Overview.




Restoro is a complete system solution that boosts performance, removes malware and virus, and replaces damaged windows files.

  • Quick Scans
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Click HERE for Restoro Overview.


$39.95 OFF



Wise Care 365 steady and reliable system cleaner and potential speed booster.

  • 25 % Discount
  • Registry Optimizer and Startup Tuner

Click HERE for Wise Care 365 Overview.




Avira System Speedup is our all-in-one tune-up tool that cleans your PC, accelerates your boot time, protects your privacy, and helps avert system freezes.

  • Gives you quicker startups
  • Reduces time lags

Click HERE for Avira System Speedup Overview.


0% OFF


Tips for buying PC Repair Software

Like a lot of things, tuning up or repairing your PC can be done 100% free. So why are there so many PC Repair software programs that cost money?

Here is the quick answer. A lot of times “free” requires searching online and finding out how to DEFRAG a computer system or manually removing all the duplicate files one by one which can literally take several hours if not days. Whats worse is after do that you can find yourself in the same position a month later. Most of these paid PC Repair programs do more than just DEFRAGing or “cleaning” files. A lot of them have light malware detection and some will have more robust features like with privacy protection. So all in all we feel they do provide a lot of value to the non ‘do it yourself’ consumer.

A “Clean” computer is Important

PC Repair software programs are a must for 2021 and beyond. The average computer in 2019 have 3 times as many programs as computer just 10 years ago. More and more programs are duplicating files and also leaving remnant files on your computer. These issues lead to less disk space and usually slower running computers. This usually leads to consumers buying a new computer when they may not need to. We understand that pricing of the software is important for most and we factor that into our top ten list.


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