Product Feature:

Plug-and-play function
Anyone wanting to save data on an external hard disk has it even easier with the new O&O DiskImage 16. Thanks to the integrated plug-and-play option, selected files and folders can be backed up automatically as soon as an external hard disk is connected to the computer.

Made in Germany. Made in Berlin.
All O&O products are developed and serviced in Berlin. We at O&O are proud of our German heritage and proud to represent the quality, security, and satisfaction long associated with products “Made in Germany”. We take the concerns of our customers very seriously because we know just how important their data is for them.

O&O DiskImage To Go
The O&O DiskImage To Go function automatically turns an external hard drive (or USB flash drive with enough storage space) into an O&O DiskImage boot medium and marks this disk as the preferred storage medium for future system backups. As soon as you then connect this external USB hard disk to your computer, O&O DiskImage 16 automatically creates a backup.