Product Feature:

Unlock Websites
We know that many establishments such as schools, libraries, and offices often place restrictions on various websites, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can easily use Hotspot Shield VPN in these places to access these websites and many others because it can easily bypass firewalls and filters.

Hidden IP Address
Malicious individuals and hackers can use your IP address in order to monitor how you use the internet. And that is not all; they can also employ tactics through the IP address and gain information about your bank accounts, credit cards, and a lot more. However, by using Hotspot Shield, you can easily mask your IP address. You can choose a different or even a remote location provided by the VPN’s servers.

Malware Protection
Did you know that Hotspot Shield also offers protection against malware attacks? It does that by ensuring that the websites you visit are malware-free. And if a website has malware, the app will block it to prevent it from infecting your devices.