Product Feature:

Extra Public Protection         
Did you know that you are most vulnerable when you are on public hotspots? This is why CyberGhost offers you extra protection. The application keeps your data safe from snoopers as well as malicious threats.

Hide Your IP
When you use CyberGhost VPN, you can easily hide your IP address with just one click and replace it with one from the company network. As a result, you can easily spoof your location, making it impossible for websites and hackers to track your online activity. 

No More Restricted Content
The great thing about CyberGhost is that it provides all-around and quick access to content anywhere on the internet. Note that the VPN app’s servers skirt around geo-restricted and censored data so you can enjoy your favorite content, such as TV shows, at all times.

Highest Encryption
CyberGhost has designed its VPN servers with both privacy and security in mind. You are safe with the best 256-bit military-grade encryption.

No Logs Policy
The service does not track your online activity and makes sure nobody else can snoop on your digital life.