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Windows 10 Crashing After Updates

Users Report Crashes After Windows 10 Update

After installing the September 26 update of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, many users have reported problems with their boot-ups, printing, the Start Menu, and Windows Search functions. Several have also experienced issues with the VMWare Workstation.

Print Spool and Search Failures

Some users have lost the ability to print documents and pictures, according to The issue is reported as a print spooler failure.

The site also reported problems with the Windows Search feature in conjunction with Cortana. Users are unable to type in the Search field, or even place their cursors in the search box.

Start Menu Crashes notes some users report that their Start menus have crashed, generating the notice: “Your Start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.”

Those users further report that signing in again does not resolve the issue.

VMWare Workstation Failures

Starting on October 1, members of the Microsoft user forum began reporting failures in the VMWare Workstation. Upon startup of VMWare, the app produced the message: “VMware Workstation Pro can’t run on Windows.”

Users in the technical community found that the issue related to user permissions. They suggested several options to fix the issue, but none were uniformly successful.

Rolling Back Update KB4517211

All of these issues appear to be related to Update KB4517211 which began distribution on September 26.

Gordon Kelly, technical contributor to, says Microsoft has not acknowledged the issue. Kelly and users in several forums have suggested rolling back the update to resolve the issue.

To roll back the update, suggests:

– Open Update & Security Settings app and select “View
update history.”
– Select “Uninstall updates.”
– Find Update KB4517211
– Select “Uninstall” on Control Panel.
– Select “Yes” confirm.
– Restart

VMWare users may need to adjust their “Compatibility Assistant” settings or replace “Compatibility Assistant” database files.

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